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PRIMA Carnation
PRIMA Carnation PRIMA Carnation PRIMA Carnation PRIMA Carnation PRIMA Carnation PRIMA Carnation
Brand: LOQI
Product Code: L-PRIM-CAR
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LOQI Designer Eco Bag - PRIMA Carnation Design

Fashion and environmental consciousness combine brilliantly in this stylish LOQI bag. The polyester bag can hold up to 20kg and measures 42cm by 50cm, which includes an 11.5cm by 11.5cm inner pocket. From the supermarket, to outdoors and everyday use, this everyday bag was built to go the distance.

LOQI 3 ways


POCKET inside: 14 x 16.5 cm

BAG size: 50 x 42 cm

POUCH size: 11.5 x 11.5 cm

Long handle: 27 cm


Polyester 58 GSM


Weight capacity: 20 kg

Bag weight: 50 g

Pouch weight: 5g


Hand washing ensures the maximum life of your LOQI reusable bag. The bold & colourful LOQI designs withstand fading and are water resistant.




LOQI is a play on the Latin word LOCI, meaning locations. It is a reminder to take your LOQI all places, every day. QI means air or life energy in Chinese. LOQI combines the Latin and Chinese to symbolise our close ties between east and the west. LOQI is a small, light word which reflects the qualities of our products. LOQI products are simple, sustainable and save energy.

LOQI reusable bags are exceptional value with an inside POCKET PLUS an extra zipped POUCH.

LOQI is about creating original, stylish designs. LOQI is about being eco-friendly. Quality, long lasting reusable bags contribute to a sustainable environment. OEKO-TEX certification is the brand’s guarantee that LOQI produce without using harmful substances.

LOQI is about being practical. LOQI shoppers are small and light so you can always take them with you. The inside pocket plus the cute zipped pouch are convenient for extras.

LOQI is about being affordable and great value for everyone, every day.

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