Baggu -Swan

Baggu -Swan
Baggu -Swan Baggu -Swan
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Standard Baggu Re-Usable Foldable Shopping Bag - Swan

A premium quality eco-friendly nylon bag with 1 year guarantee.

The standard Baggu is 15" wide, 25" high and 6" deep, and folds flat into a 5"x5" pouch which is included. Each bag can support 50lbs weight and holds 2-3 plastic grocery bags of stuff.

No more excuse for ‘nasty’ plastic carrier bags, the bright colours you will love to carry around. If you need a bag, this is the bag to reach for again and again and again.

Note: Some the animal patterns will appear upside down on the other side of the bags as all Baggu nylon bags (incl baby, standard and Big Baggu) are made with one piece of fabric for adding strength and also for eco purposes. 


Can be carried in your hand, on your arm or over your shoulder. The handles are wide so it is so comfortable to carry and will not cut your hand when your bag is heavy.

This item is so handy and small enough to store in your hand bag or in another bag.


It can also be used as gift wrap so the person receiving the gift can reuse the wrap as shopping bag. (see step by step opposite or click here to watch the instructional video)

Great for shopping trips (large and small), giving as a gift/party favor, beach bag, organizing, spring cleaning.



It is made of durable and strong rip-stop nylon. This is the bag you'll reach for when the paper/plastic one you got from the store rips.

100% rip-stop nylon, machine washable and light-weight.



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